Imagine, for a moment, a hotel/spa where the pampered clients and the high quality of service is given to boats, cars, motorcycles, RVs etc…Impossible? Well no, Marine Concierge did it for you!
MARINE CONCIERGE is a unique company that over the years has built a reputation based on it’s focus on customer service. The management style and exigency in the highest qualification of its collaborators give it complete mastery over the services offered to its clients. This expertise is applied to storage, maintenance and repairs to a wide range of motorized equipment: marine, autmobile, motorcycle, RV and other vehicles on wheels or skis.
Like the concierge of a 5 star hotel, at MARINE CONCIERGE we take on many responsibilities besides hosting the valuable investments of our customers in our secure, clean and heated warehouse.

Welcoming, informing, advising are reflexes for us, and a part of our daily presence. Organizing, searching, finding and implementing the best solutions for the needs of our customers is an obligation we set for ourselves, and it is our added value.

At MARINE CONCIERGE we take pride in developing each of our divisions to better serve our customers, large or small. We strive to be a one-stop shop for all our client’s projects.

Our customers come back every year, and new customers arrive by word of mouth. That is why we have a policy of the regular expansion of our facilities to maintain availability and the highest level of service.

Come to MARINE CONCIERGE, we will know how to welcome you.